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Recent Events in Review: Gold is Discovered

John Marshall Chapter, March 2003
February 22-23 ~ 4th Annual DC International Wine & Food Festival ~ DC Convention Center.
The most impressive new winery was Hunt Cellars of Paso Robles CA. Owner-president and winemaker David Hunt may have been a musician and inventor before turning to winemaking, but obviously he has the golden touch. (Even David’s lovely wife Deborah added to the experience by demonstrating extensive knowledge and a refined palate.) Hunt Cellars red wines are huge and gorgeous. David likes to think of them as “in your face,” but clearly in a pleasant sort of way. None of the Winecounsel writers who were lucky enough to taste them would disagree. Wine Enthusiast has awarded 90+ points to earlier Hunt vintages, so certainly it was not dumb luck that had Bob Dierker (Director, VA Wine Institute) turning cartwheels.”

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