Food & Beverage World 2012

Food & Beverage World, 2012 California Wines of the Year

Food&Beverage World names Hunt Cellars wines in its wines of the year list.

“After two rounds of tastings, sorting through over 100 total entries, we’re finally ready to reveal our wines of the year… The finalists in each category (as selected by the members of our tasting panel who work or have worked in the wine industry) were tasted in flights by non-industry members of our panel as well as a handful of invited guests. Everyone who voted enjoys wine and drinks it it on a regular basis, but certainly are not experts. In essence, they are simply members of the general wine-buying public, and since consumers do most of the purchasing, our thinking was they’d be best suited to pick our wines of the year. Each participant was told to vote for the wine they felt should win each
category.” – Food and Beverage World

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