Que Sera Sera – A Life As Rhapsody


Que Sera Sera – A Life As Rhapsody

An extensive insight into David’s life work by Brett Johnson of Inside VC (now the Ventura County Star).

“David Hunt went into winemaking following previous successes in music and as an entrepreneur. Now, he says, “it’s all about the wine.”

SWEET LIFE: What will be has been for vintner David Hunt, who brings light to a world that is growing darker. The kid who used to bump into trees while trick-or-treating came west to California in the 1970s as a starry-eyed musician and wound up in the grapes of success, even as his world view became hopelessly stuck on a dimmer switch.

But David Hunt has always found a way to turn on the lights again – he even found a way to do it just by walking down the hall. His is the story of how one thing leads to another, sometimes forced by what he calls his “inconvenience,” sometimes due to his enterprise.”

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