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Best Of California Bordeaux Competition 2012

“Hunt Cellars Wins Big In “Best Of California Bordeaux Competition”

Hunt Cellars, a boutique winery base in Paso Robles, CA, was recently honored by Food and Beverage World’s California Bordeaux competition for their varietal wine quality and taste. After surveying California Bordeaux from all over the state, the twenty-year old winery, owned by entrepreneur David Hunt, received the highest marks in four out of eight categories.

Hunt Cellars was awarded Best White: Hunt Cellars 2009 Sauvignon Blanc “Starlight Concerto”, Best Cabernet Franc: Hunt Cellars 2006 Cabernet Franc “Opulence”, and Best Merlot: Hunt Cellars 2007 “Unforgettable” Merlot. Hunt Cellar tied for Best Cabernet Sauvignon: 2007 “Cabovation” with Alpha Omega and also came in 2nd place with the Meritage Blend: 2006 “Rhapsody In Red”.

David Hunt, winemaker and owner of Hunt Cellars, said he was absolutely amazed and honored that we won these categories against over 60 of California’s top wineries from Paso Robles, Napa, Sonoma, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, Lake County, Monterey and others. Hunt said, “I knew the 2009 Sauvignon Blanc was good, but did not know how good the competition was so I was grateful to have won “Best White Wine”.

In the last few months Hunt Cellars has received favorable ratings from Food and Beverage World between 92 to 96+ points on 6 of the Cabernets; 96+ points for the 2007 Cabovation, 96 points for the 2005 Cabernet Reserve Cask 21, 96 points for the first Pinot Noir “Imagine”, 96 Points and winner of “Best Rhone Blend” 2006 “Que Sirah Syrah” and 96 Points for the Tawny Port “Oldie But Goodie”. Hunt has also received numerous 95, 94 and 93 point.

Hunt, who became legally blind after developing retinitis pigmentosa, has been told that his heightened sense of taste and smell contribute to the finish of his memorable wines. Hunt says he does not believe in excuses but works with the wines until he cannot produce a better flavor profile. In other words, “we do not have a set program dictated by barrel aging but we let the barrels and wines tell us when they are ready to be bottled, with the perfect balance and amazing finish”.

Hunt Cellars

Hunt Cellars pour their wines daily from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the tasting room located just off of highway 46 West at 2875 Oakdale Road. With more than two dozen wines rated between 90-95 points their tasting room is a must visit. The hospitality staff is known for making the tasting experience not only fun but also educational. For more information, call (805) 237-1600 or visit www.huntcellars.com.