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Wine 101

Wine 101

For those who are used to dining in elegance, there is no doubt in your mind about choosing a fine wine to complement a particular menu choice. Others may not be as knowledgeable and need some assistance with making a wine selection or pairing wine with a favorite dish. It’s not just about choosing white or red wine, but whether you choose fine wine from France, Italy, or other countries or perhaps make a selection from fine California wines. Is there a difference in flavor between a fine wine from France as opposed to California wines that are aged and processed the same?

Wine Etiquette

The most important thing you will learn is that every fine wine goes through an individual process in order to give it its own unique flavor. For example, Chardonnay is a fine wine in the white wine class, but its flavor differs immensely from that of the California wines in the same class. If that were not the case, it would not matter which type of wine you chose within its class whether it was white, red, or rose. However, since there is a distinct difference in flavor between imported and domestic wines, anyone’s flavor preference is as individual as one’s fingerprints, so respect the wine preferences of others.

Wine Tasting

Some people may choose from the California wines due to the price difference between domestic and imported wines. Though budgetary concerns are important, you should not make that your primary reason for choosing any particular wine. Your primary reason should be flavor and fragrance of the wine, something you will learn over time. Many new wine connoisseurs learn how to do this at wine tasting events, but it involves placing the wine in the glass and moving it in a circular motion to allow the fragrances to become absorbed before smelling and tasting the wine. This assures the wine is perfect for drinking.

Wine Ratings & Awards

Gold Medal, Best of Class, 90-point plus – what do all of the ratings mean? A premium wine receives a premium rating, and at Hunt Cellars, our bottles have been given numerous distinctions in areas across the country. Wine connoisseurs recognize the Hunt Cellar name as a symbol of premium wine.

The most common rating system in the wine world is the 100-point system, which is used by authorities such as Wine Spectator and acclaimed wine connoisseur, Robert Parker. A higher point value designates a higher quality wine, and Hunt Cellars has received numerous top rankings on this scale.

In addition to point ratings, many states and publications host competitions among vineyards and award winning wines receive medals. Consider it the Olympics of the Wine World. Some of Hunt Cellar Wines’ proud honors.

From the California State Fair to the Florida State Wine Competition, Hunt Cellar Wines have asserted their place among the premium wines of America. We invite you to taste our award winning wines today!

Wine Tasting

From our 2000 Zinfandel Port Wine to our 2009 Pinot Noir, the assortment of wines at Hunt Cellars is enough to attract the attention of any wine connoisseur. Each year, thousands of visitors mark Paso Robles on their maps for wine tasting. Sampling an array of collectible wines is an art form that requires attention from the type of glassware used, the serving temperature to the order of the wines tasted.


While there are a variety of shapes for wine glasses, those with wider bottoms are the best kind for wine tasting. Hunt Cellars offers wine tastings on-site at their boutique winery.


White, Red and Port wines are vastly different and must be served at the proper temperatures in order to give the most accurate perception of the taste. The most common mistake is serving whites at a colder temperature, which can mask the wine’s full taste and aroma. Whites should be served between 50 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit, and Reds should be served at a wine caved temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Order of Wines

Because wine tasting often features many types of collectible wines, a rule of thumb is that the lightest wines are the first to be sampled. If a heavy Red or Port wine is tasted first, no amount of pallet cleansing can help the sampler get the full taste of a soft White or sparkling wine.

The spacious wine tasting room at Hunt Cellars also features a 1200 square foot deck. We are open daily from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., and we invite you to try our selection of collectible wines and award-winning bottles of bliss.

California Merlot Wines

While we would love to have you visit us, you do not have to travel to California to taste some of the finest California merlot wine. Shipped directly from our vineyard in Paso Robles Wine Country, we deliver our wines to some premier dining establishments for your enjoyment. From national luxury hotels such as the Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons to independent luxury accommodations like the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Hunt Cellar Wines are everywhere you want to be.

Paso Robles Wineries such as Hunt Cellars, offers some of the best red wine blends available.  For the past decade, Hunt Cellars has become a household name for wine connoisseurs across the country, winning awards in competitions from California to Florida, and even receiving international recognition. We strive to offer our wines in the best restaurants so that everyone can enjoy the tastes of the Pacific Coast.

You can  find our fine wines placed in elegant steakhouses around the country such as Ruth’s Chris, Del Frisco’s and the Ritz-Carlton, you can sip a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with the finest cut of meat. From our Multi-Gold Medal and Best of Class Cabernet to our Ports that have scored from 89-96 points, we know that you can find the perfect pairing. And of course, if you have already made memories with wines and would like to order some for your home, please contact us for shipping arrangements. At Hunt Cellar Wines, we invite all of our customers to taste the finer side of life.