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Hunt Cellars Premium Wine

When the Hunt Family made the decision to pursue their dream, they spent many days traveling throughout the premium wine regions in Oregon, Washington, and California before deciding on Paso Robles. They selected their 550 acre site in Paso Robles simply because the soil types are the world’s most desirable for growing the finest wine grapes. The soil composition is white calcareous, sandy loamy with white limestone and chalk. It is said to be the soil that the French kiss and the farmers curse because the grapes are about half the size of your little finger yet have intense varietal flavors and lushness. To these factors we added our own unique wine making styles and chose the final location in Creston since it met the criteria for topography, soil composition, and beauty. This combination of characteristics is necessary to produce the best California cult wines as well as other varieties of premium wine.

Hunt Cellars Wine Making Process

The first planting for Hunt Cellars consisted of several California cult wines including Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Sauvignon Blanc just to name a few. The analogy of Hunt Cellars is that great wine starts with the best fruit which led to the first production of memorable premium wine in 1997. The combination of soil composition, premium vineyard location, and experience makes the California cult wines of Hunt Cellars among the best premium wine for the region. We opened a “Tasting Room” in 1999, an important addition to the winemaking process. After all, you want to make sure the wine is perfect in taste and fragrance before you release it to the public for consumption. The perfection of the wine when it leaves Hunt Cellars shows the care we put into our California cult wines before we distribute the wine from our cellars for consumption. Only a premium wine that receives this kind of excellence during the winemaking process is worthy of being placed among the best California cult wines.